Date with Destiny is an empowerment conference for all ages, races, and denominations. It is the expectancy that HEALING, DELIVERANCE, and REVIVAL will take place in the lives of His people. We desire to tear down religious barriers through encountering the tangible presence of God.

Also, we want to see this generation have an authentic relationship with Christ. Our purpose is to see the Kingdom of God established in the heart of man. Many lives have been forever changed attending these meetings.

The Date with Destiny Conference was birthed forth on November 13, 2010 during a phone conversation that transpired between Theresa and Antonio. During this conversation, both individuals expressed the vision that God had given them for their community. Excitedly, the decision was made to go forth with their vision. Theresa and Antonio have always worked together in making their dreams reality. Their work inspired them to search for an advisor or some type of leader to guide them in this process.

The search for an advisor and venue proved to be quite challenging; recognizing that many friends did not support their vision. The two thought their hard work was in vain, but through the test of times, it was not. Others observed their great efforts toward getting this conference started. Being inspired by their effort, Shata Brown & the New Birth Inspirational Choir of Cairo, GA assembled themselves and helped sponsor the conference. With much prayer and seeking the Lord, theme for the conference as Date with Destiny.  The date of the first conference was April 30th, 2011.  The speakers for this event were Minister Kevin Bostic, Pastor Randall Hines and Prophetess Krystal Smith. After witnessing the way that God revealed himself in the service, it was definitely inevitable that the conference would need to be something annual.

However, there was still a problem; the two still without an advisor. Not becoming worried but prayerful about it, the Lord showed the two Ms. Arlisha Wildgoose in their prayer time. Antonio contacted Arlisha, and she excitedly accepted to become a part of the team.  Arlisha has been dedicated since day one the two sincerely appreciate her.  Over the past six years, the conference has grown tremendously and the team gives thanks to no one but God.

The team collectively has experienced significant and supernatural spiritual growth. This team has grown together as a family. This team will witnessed that it is hard work but it is WORTH IT ALL!!! View conference highlights

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